Top Tunes for October

All in all, October was a decent month for finding new music. Two of my favorite bands released albums, which is always a plus! So anyhow, here are my top tunes for October:

1) Radical Face released a new CD called The Family Tree: The Branches, which is the second edition to the band’s three-part album series. My favorite songs from this album are “The Mute,” and “The Crooked Kind.” Radical Face’s sound is sort-of difficult to describe, but it’s a mix of acoustic guitar and orchestra, I guess. Solid album.

2) I’d never heard of Freelance Whales until recently. Somehow I stumbled across the band on Spotify. I’m terrible at describing sounds, as I’m sure you’ve surmised, so I’ll let you listen for yourself. Either way, the song “Generator ^ First Floor” is seriously fantastic. It’s such a short song, but man is it great. Repeat for days. Just to warn you, it starts off kind of weird with rumbling noises (maybe to mimic a generator?), but honestly I think it adds something to the song. It’s great!

3) Sarah Jaffe’s been around for a while, so I guess I’m late to this party, but if you haven’t heard her song called “Clementine,” please go listen. I kind of wonder whether she’s referencing Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… I don’t know one way or the other, but what I do know is that I like that song. A lot. You probably will too, so check it out!

4) I think everyone and their mother is aware of Arcade Fire’s new album called Reflektor, right? I have mixed feelings about the band’s new CD. AF is one of my favorite bands, and in my opinion, The Suburbs is pure brilliance. It’s tough to top something like that. So far, I’m not as impressed by Reflektor, but there are some gems on the album like “Joan of Arc,” “Normal Person,” “You Already Know,” “Supersymmetry,” and my personal favorite “It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus).”

5) Lastly, I am in absolute love with The Barr Brother’s song called “Beggar in the Morning.” I heard it in a wedding video I watched online, and I’ve been listening ever since. It’s a bit of a folksy song, but it’s also modern, especially at the song’s start.

So give these songs a listen, and let me know what you think! Also leave a comment saying what you’ve been listening to this month. Thanks for reading!

Sarah E.


Top Tunes For June

Music is one of my absolute favorites. I seriously am so passionate about finding new tracks to listen to whilst getting ready in the morning, writing poems, or going on a car ride. Each of the artists I add to my collection are like small treasures that bring me happiness, and I’d love to share them with you guys. If I like a song, I will play it over and over until I’m sick of it, and those are the ones I’d say are worth mentioning! That said, here are the songs/artists/albums I’ve been loving for the month of June:

1) The National’s new album called Trouble Will Find Me is definitely a fave. I love the whole album, but my favorite songs are “Graceless,” “Don’t Swallow the Cap,” and “I Need My Girl.” I’d say this album is the band’s best so far.

2) Gregory Alan Isakov. Just yes. His voice is heavenly. I have been loving his songs “Big Black Car,” “If I Go, I’m Goin,” and “The Stable Song.” His songs are sort of folksy, and super relaxing. Absolutely love.

3) St. Lucia’s song “All Eyes on You.” I just recently discovered this band, and this song is sort of mellow, and yet reminiscent of the 80’s in a way. I don’t know, it’s just great.

4) Jose Gonzalez’s song called “Heartbeats” is fantastic. It reminds me of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling and pure joy.

5) A friend’s sister recently released her first EP. The artist is Ivory Layne. Her EP is on iTunes. She is seriously amazing! She is quirky and fun and it’s like her personality is evident in every lyric! I love all the songs on the EP, but my absolute faves are “Not That Man,” and “Socrates.” Go and give her a listen. I’m 100% sure you won’t regret it!

So these are my top tunes for June. I definitely could have included more, but we’ll save some for next month, shall we?

Be sure to tell me if you like any of my favorite songs for this month, and tell me in the comments what you’ve been listening to this June!

Until next time,

Sarah E.