Embrace Your Face // Is Makeup Your Hobby or Hassle?

Okay girls, so when did doing our makeup become such a chore? Seriously, it’s like pulling teeth some mornings as I muster up motivation to put on beauty products. And I LOVE makeup. Like, it’s a problem. So why is it that I, and so many other girls, turn our hobbies into hassles?

As far as makeup’s concerned, many of us only wear it because it’s the norm. We’re afraid of stepping out into the world bare-faced, braving the stares that scream, “did you really leave the house looking like that?!” And so we don’t.

In some ways, I think that makes us ladies resent putting on the proverbial face, at least the one accepted by society. Annoying, right? Who wants to wear makeup because that’s what we’re supposed to do? Where’s the fun in that?

I can’t have been the only little girl who begged to borrow her mom’s lipstick. I mean, as a kid, I loved the idea of makeup because it was daring, grown-up, and girly. I want to revisit that enthusiasm!

We women can accentuate our features without hiding behind a mask of makeup. Find confidence in that God-given gorgeous face of yours before you pick up that blush brush!

Once you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, then by all means, go all out or keep it subtle, but be sure that if you’re wearing makeup, it’s on your own terms! DSC_0879

Here are a few tips on how to drop the monotony of makeup:

1. Beauty products shouldn’t substantiate your femininity; they should accentuate it! In other words, don’t bury yourself under five layers of foundation. We want to see those freckles, hun! DSC_0874

2. Be bold and take risks!! Rock a red lip if you want to. Wear purple eyeliner if you’re feelin’ it! What’s the point of wearing makeup if it doesn’t make you happy?!


3. Embrace your face! No matter what anyone says, beauty isn’t skin deep; it’s soul deep. So, if you find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts, jealousy, and self-degradation, just take a step back and breathe. Makeup is meant to be a hobby, not a hassle!  DSC_0870

By the way, it’s more than okay to carry that little-girl-in-awe-starry-eyed-smiling-face with you into adulthood, especially in regards to makeup! Who’s to say your passion won’t inspire others to trade tedium for something truly worth writing (a blog post) about?

Until next time,

Sarah E.


Holiday Must-Haves

It’s vacation time! Can I get a ‘hallelujah’??!

Seriously though, who doesn’t love time away from the hustle and bustle of life, time to just relax and have fun? If you’re anything like me, however, you almost always overpack for any type of trip, even if it’s just for a couple of days. I’m ashamed.

Although this bad habit of mine doesn’t do my suitcase any favors, it certainly serves my blog well! So, you beautiful people, you, let’s talk about holiday must-haves!

Here’s a picture of me trying to juggle some of the products I’m about to talk about. Oh yeah, check out these skills!




Basically the first vacation essential would be to ensure a good base for your skin. Make sure to moisturize if you’ll be spending lots of time in the sun, as I plan to!

I personally love using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, as it’s not too heavy on the skin, yet still provides enough moisture. To go along with that, I’ve been trying out Clinique’s CC Cream as well. The coverage is very light, but it’s great for days when you don’t want to pack on the foundation. As I don’t want my makeup to slide off my face, I like wearing this on hotter days. Let me know if you’d like a more in-depth review of the CC Cream! It’s a great summer product in my opinion.

PS, if you haven’t boarded the EOS lip balm bandwagon, I suggest you go to your nearest drugstore and pick one up! To be honest, they aren’t the most moisturizing on the lips, but they smell heavenly, and I mean, c’mon, have you seen the packaging??


I also love a good lip and cheek combo, and Revlon has me sorted! I’ve been loving bright pinks lately, and if you’re on the hunt for some budget brights, I suggest Revlon’s creme blush in Flushed and the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop!


As for summer scents, I’ve been loving all things fresh and girly! On vacation, I especially want something light and lovely that I can easily apply on the go! My recent favorite is probably Bath and Body Work’s scent called Beautiful Day. I have the Triple Moisture Body Creme and the Fragrance Mist, both of which smell gorgeous! Definitely a must-have for me!


I also get super lazy with my hair on trips, so I made sure to pack a dry shampoo! The one I’m currently using is by the brand Psssst! I like the smell of this one, but I’m not sure if it’s the best out there! I’ll have to keep up my research in that regard!


Going along with the pink theme, I’ve just purchased a new nail polish called Crazy For Chic by Loreal. It’s almost a watermelon color, and I find that the Loreal nail polishes last forever on my nails, and they’re not too pricy, which is always a plus! I’ll definitely be sporting this color on my trip!

DSC_0653 DSC_0654

As for entertainment, I can’t leave the house without my phone or a good book! I just joined the rest of America in buying an iPhone, and look at how adorable this Otterbox is, am I right? Also, if you’re in the mood for a relaxing read, you might try picking up something by Kate Morton. She’s a great author, who pens modern mysteries!

DSC_0644 DSC_0650

Last but not least, we can’t forget about clothing! I’ve been loving brightly colored swimsuits at the moment, and the two down below are both from Victoria’s Secret. DSC_0623 DSC_0624

If it’s going to be super sunny at your holiday destination, I suggest bringing a cute hat and pair of sunglasses along to shield your eyes from the bright light! The ones I’m wearing are from Target.

DSC_0631 DSC_0638

Hope you guys enjoyed my holiday must-haves!

Let me know in the comments what things you’ll be sure to bring on your vacation!

Until next time,

Sarah E.

June Favorites

Okay, what? June is over? So weird! On the plus side, this means I get to share my first favorites post!

For those who might never have seen a favorites video or post, I’m basically just going to talk about the things I’ve been loving this month, other than songs, which I’ve already posted about!

Here’s an overall pic of some of the stuff I couldn’t get enough of this June!


Let’s do a rundown, shall we?

I’ve seriously been loving to wear higher waisted shorts. The coral and hunter green colors I have are both from Urban Outfitters. They are the BDG Alexa Mid-Rise shorts. They’re super comfortable (after a wash cycle). PS: be sure to wash these shorts in their own loads of laundry; the dye in them will spread, as I found out the hard way!

I styled the shorts with a crop top that also came from Urban Outfitters. DSC_0593DSC_0595DSC_0621

I paired the outfit with some peep-toe flats from (you guessed it!) Urban Outfitters. Can you tell I recently spent a lot of money there?

As for the makeup favorites, I’ve already mentioned Tarte’s Exposed blush, which is pinky-brown, super long wearing, and a color I’d say would flatter anyone! I’ve also been loving the Rimmel Apocalips lipgloss range. The two colors I have are Stellar and Big Bang.

In regards to nail polish, I’ve been into corals, as you can see from the picture of my feet above! If you’re looking for budget nail polishes, Wet N’ Wild has some great summer colors on display at the moment!

BTW, during my Urban Outfitters shopping spree, I totally freaked out when I saw they had Tangle Teasers in stock! I’ve been lusting after one for the longest time, so I didn’t pass up the opportunity to snatch up this cute baby blue one!

They are great on wet or dry hair, and don’t do half as much damage to your hair as normal brushes would. Here’s an artsy picture of mine, which I now realize looks like a kidney bean. Oh well.


As for two random faves, I’ve been loving Soap and Glory’s Hand Food, which is a hand lotion. It smells amazing, and I picked this one up from Sephora for a fiver. I’ve also been on my feet a lot, and my new Sanuks have definitely helped make my life easier! I’d def recommend them to anyone who’s ever wanted to walk on a cloud. It’s a good time.

As always, I’ve loved wearing way too many rings at once. I added two to my collection this month, as you’ll see below. One is a fish-bone toe ring, and the other is the one on the far left.


Last but not least, I’ve developed an obsession with viruses. Now that sounds strange, and you’re probably thinking I’m a freak, but they’re so fascinating. I re-watched Contagion this month, and also went to see World War Z, and both these movies re-ignited my intrigue about how viruses spread and manipulate, and how we re-act to them as individuals both psychologically and physically, and how society re-acts as a whole. As the human body breaks down and is consumed by sickness, so does society deteriorate, erasing taboo and creating chaos in the process.

(Apologizes for English major freak-out)

Anyways, if that sort of thing interests you too, you should read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. It’s a true story, but reads like fiction. I’m telling you, even Steven King calls it a page-turner. I promise, you won’t regret reading it, except that you might not ever want to touch anyone or anything or leave the confines of your own home ever again.

It’s worth it. Here’s me pretending to read it!


Anyways, hope you enjoyed my first ever favorites post!

What stuff having you been loving for the month of June?? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Sarah E.

Face of the Day (FOTD) // Off to Work

Most days I work, I wear minimal makeup. That’s mostly because my job’s at a classy hammock shop frequented by tourists I’ll most likely never see again. Even so, I like to wear makeup, even if it’s just for myself. It’s not because I’m afraid of people seeing me without foundation or something; it’s just that makeup is fun, and it makes me feel girly and good about myself!

So, I thought I’d show you guys what I wear to work when I want a little more excitement in my everyday makeup routine. Here goes!

The look I went for was pretty simple, but I definitely spiced things up with some color on the lips. I love foundations that give a glow. Even in summer, I find that matte foundations just aren’t for me. I also love bright lip colors for the warmer months! Why not go for more daring pops of color when the weather is more upbeat and the outdoors seem so vivid? I say go for it!


Here’s a closer look at the highlight I’m wearing! I use it on the high points of my face like my nose, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow. I find it looks the most natural to use it where the sun would normally brighten my face.


Here’s a look at all the products I used:


Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda concealer in 07

NYC bronzer in Sunny

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed

Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Translucent

Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

Maybelline gel eyeliner in black

Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow in Brulee

Maybelline The Falsies mascara in Black Drama

Sephora pencil eyeliner (not sure of the shade except it’s brown, sorry!)

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar

Revlon eyelash curlers

I’d have to say the star of the look is the lipgloss. I’m in love with these new Rimmel lip products; they apply as a gloss, but fade as a stain, which is great for work, where I can’t always re-apply when needed.


Hope you enjoyed this FOTD. Let me know in the comments what you like to wear to work! What are your thoughts on lip colors for summer? Leave a comment or tweet me @butsarahsays!

Until next time,

Sarah E.