“Real Life” Fashion Problems 101 // By Kelsy of The Accidental Extrovert

Thought you guys might be interested in hearing from my first ever guest writer, Kelsy, of The Accidental Extrovert! She’s got some great fashion tips for your transition from college grad to working girl!

Kelsy was my gateway peer leader during my freshman year of college! I’ve always admired her style, and now you guys can get a little insight into her wardrobe choices as well!

Be sure to check out her blog–which I’ve linked above–and leave a comment down below!  Also, I’ll be guest writing on her blog sometime in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! Without further ado, here’s Kelsy:

“Real Life” Fashion Problems 101

I’ve been out of college for a little over 2½ months, but sometimes I can’t help but think that my four years of higher learning just BARELY equipped me for the little time I’ve spent in the “real world” so far. I never had a class teach me how to figure out how to identify shady pyramid scheme businesses, or what to do when your parents might be moving out of state just as you move back home, or most importantly, what is the best definition of “business casual” for interviews! I’m learning as I go and often trial by error, but hey, that’s the crazy, fun part about post-grad life!

Whether you spend time imitating cool outfits from Pinterest, going all Macklemore at the thrift shop, or only wearing comfortable clothes everywhere, by now you’ve probably developed your own personal style! You know what you love, what looks best on you, and most importantly, what are classic staples for your body. For example, strapless dresses will never be a staple for me—they just don’t work! Peplum tops or pencil skirts are classics for me though, and I know that I can always buy one of these staples & they will always be flattering.

*Here are some style staples that are workplace ready:

business casual

As you’ve spent time in college (hopefully) developing this personal style & trying out new looks, by the time you graduate, you truly get to own your look & make it even more “you.” Think of Zooey Deschanel for example. Probably right away, you pictured her mod hair, patterned dresses, and cute tops, right? It’s pretty cool to own the corner market on a look—once out in the post-grad world, you get to decide once & for all what you want to endorse as your own personal style.  Do you want to be the on trend person? Or the one who always has a unique, individualized way of dressing? Of course, there’s always room to grow and change your look too, which is always helpful with “grown up” paychecks!

So, with your personal style already figured out, now you’re ready to face to big monster of real world fashion: WORKING.

When you’re off work, you have the weekends and weeknights to relax and dress in your “work inappropriate” clothes (which are some of my favorite kinds of clothes) like rompers, shorts, or anything sleeveless. But during the weekdays, your clothes are shackled to the “business casual” code. It all depends on your company, as some are much more conservative while others are really chill about clothes, but always dress to impress. You can never be too overdressed (unless you’re wearing your old prom dress, because then…yes). So, how can you defeat this real world problem?

  1. Business doesn’t mean boring! Your personal style can still shine through, but just be a bit more purposeful and modest than you usually would.business1
  2. For interviews, always be more dressed up than usual. Even if you know the company is really laid back, dress up anyway. If you want a job, let your presence (and your outfit!) show you’re totally serious about working there. Put your best foot forward!fashion-column1

    3.   Cardigans cover a multitude of sins. They automatically make every outfit office appropriate and save you from the arctic temperatures inside!

So, whether you have a few more years of college & are preparing in advance for your future fashion or are out there in the real world with me, good luck out there!

*blogger’s note