About Me


I’m Sarah.

This blog is about the things I love.

I love writing poems, especially spoken-word poems.

I love good books, the ones that cause me to ignore important things like, oh I don’t know, sleep or something.

I love yummy food. I’m on this weird diet where I sometimes eat vegan stuff and sometimes eat Taco Bell.

I love material, girly things like makeup, and clothes, and shopping way more often than my wallet approves.

I love traveling, even if that means being a tourist in my own hometown every once in a while.

I love my family, my good friends, my dog Lilly, listening to songs on repeat, and taking pictures.

I love chatting about literature with those who share my love for it. And even those who don’t. You’ve been warned.

I love Jesus, and have Him to thank for all of the other stuff I love.


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